Hello Ado

The Design sprint

1 week of creativity workshop with users, specialists, stakeholders and designers.

Refining the concept

Functionalities and ideas were merged into a single concept. 
The “how it works” was defined with wireframes

Wireframing & UI design

Content, functionalities and UX of the app were selected and prioritized.

Fast prototyping & testing

Non-functional prototypes were created and tested with a small groups of users. This improvement the information architecture, ergonomy and UI of the app.

Functional prototyping & testing

Now fully functional prototypes were developed and user-tested in 5 different countries on a larger scale (about 50 individual tests per country)

Refining the concept, develop and launch

After the large scale test,  priorities were reviewed in order to  simplify  and improve the concept, the ergonomy, some workflows and add new functionalities, better to tailored to a pan-african environment. This lead to the development of a new beta-version.