Imagine and create a mobile app for reproductive health education



Until now, access to sexual education was mostly brought through official websites from the government or NGOs. Unesco in partnership with Raes, wanted to build a better place to bring sexual education to the youth. As mobile phones are commonly used by youth in Africa, the idea was to create an app that matched with their mobile usage and their needs. 


  • Key insights were found on difficulties to speak freely about questions concerning sexuality, and having access to reliable information.
  • Different ways to deliver information according to user’s habits were found.
  • Differents themes and types of content to create were mapped in order of priority, and then produced by Raes.
  • All the ideas and functionalities were merged to create a complete experience. The concept of an app was defined by wireframing, and then UI design.
  • Different parts of the concept were prototyped in 3 apps, and user-tested with youths. Ergonomy and UX was improved during this process.
  • A refined version of the concept and the development of a beta-version is in progress.
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