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Côte d'Ivoire
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In Africa, the gaming sector is undergoing a booming expansion yet remains understudied. With the spread of smartphones, the number of gamers in the continent skyrocketed from 23 million in 2014 to 500 million in 2018. With investments rising, start-ups are springing and new games spreading across the continent, with a focus on representing African themes and characters.

This multi-country study details the growing gaming sector through the eyes of those spearheading the movement: the urban youth! 

Top 5 key findings 

66% of respondents play more than 3 times EVERYDAY!


The top 3 most popular themes are sports, racing and adventure 

87% of gamers play on their smartphone

25% have spent money on games

80% have not heard of games with African cultural content

Scope & Methodology 

A total of 35 participants in qualitative field interviews and two co-creation workshops

502 quantitative surveys in Dakar and Abidjan

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