Research & Publications

YUX conducts UX research and Human Centered Design projects for clients across Africa that reveal key insights on the digital behaviors and needs of populations. It’s fascinating and impactful for sure...
We also run our own HCD studies and publish them with one driving goal – adapting digital tools to the African context.
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Fears, needs and reactions to COVID-19 in Dakar. In depth-analysis of 252 phone surveys to spark initiatives against the pandemic together.


Favorite games, devices used, African characters, money and time spent… With the adoption of smartphones by the youth, is the next digital upsurge in the gaming sector? It is already underway.


Lack of playgrounds, traffic pollution, insecurity… Toddlers in cities need more opportunities to play, learn and grow. The NGO ImagiNation Afrika worked with us to collect data and insights to find solutions.


From the market ladies in Abidjan to the Yayou Mbotaye in Senegal, women have developed a parallel economy across West Africa. Here is how.


Sub-Saharan Africa is the world's most vulnerable region to climate change. This Human Centered Design study lays out the  opportunities and challenges for the battles ahead.


Scrolling or swiping? Ad-free or banners? Emoji or text? This study reveals key insights on the ideal User Experience for the new generation.


The use of mobile phones has altered the economic landscape. But the potential often remains unfulfilled. Street vendors reveal digital solutions.