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Understand the need for a B2B communication service in Western Africa


After an intensive qualitative research phase on B2B communication practices in Senegalese businesses, Orange Labs developed an app integrating the research recommendations. This alpha version of the app was tested in a controlled environment in Dakar, leading to UX/UI improvements.

Finally after a week long free use test phase in 3 companies,  an exchange workshop was organized to share their experiences regarding the different steps, from the installation to the use of the various features of the dialer.

Throughout the process particular attention was paid to the network switch and the evaluation of the call quality, core innovative functions of the product.


  • An improved look and feel of the interface and understanding of call quality and switch function. The homepage attracts and contact page is a success
  • Innovative new functions were praised by the pros, such as being able to make a group call directly from an IP call
  • Testers liked the opportunity to know the quality of the network before making calls
  • IP to GSM switching, this feature better revealed by the UI was now the most popular.
  • Identifying unregistered contacts was one of the most popular features for testers
  • The lack of ads, unlike other applications for group calls gave a more professional feel.
Design Process

01. Individual interviews with 10 companies

02. 2 days immersions with employees of 3 companies

03. Tests in a controlled environment (10 tests)

04. UX / UI Design and improvements

05. Diary Testing for tests in free use (1 week in 3 companies)

06. Final workshop

The outputs


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