Women’s finance in Senegal

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In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 30% of women have access to banking services. The lack of education and the lack of presence in the formal sector mean that these women have less access to basic financial services.

To face this issue, women in this region have come up with solutions that allow them to develop financial services of their own, at low cost and without third-party guarantees.
Therefore, they have created their own financial system to boost their activities and create new ones...

Top 5 key findings 

95% of women in Senegal are members of "women's associations"

46% of the women admit that their greatest difficulty when dealing with money is saving

51% of women who join these groups admit that they have never received credit from the association

54% of the communicate withib the group is done through face to face meetings

68,1% of women ask for help around them when using their smartphone

Scope & Methodology 

39 qualitative interviews in Dakar, Saint louis, Popenguine and Thies

190 quantitative questionnaires

2 Creativity Workshops

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