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About the Academy

Our aim is to help everyone willing to kick-start a career in tech without distance being a barrier. Join one of the best remote learning opportunities in tech by signing up with us. Expand your knowledge with new challenging tasks and kick-start your career in tech. This is also a chance to connect with valuable and efficient teammates across the globe from the comfort of your home.

Key activities

  • Online Cohort
  • Online Ressources
  • Paid internship (for the best students)

How we do

Democratize design in Africa into train the Next generation of african Designers

What we are doing

Propose professional training by experts in UX-UI Design with the opportunity to work on concrete cases of African products and services.

Our training sessions

2 to 3 week online training sessions ( 2 to 3 hours per day) followed with a 3 month internship for the top 3 students of the class. Our goal: In-depth introductions at an accessible price, and real capacity building for the next generation of African UX designers.


Welcome to the UX Research cohort! This program is designed to provide participants with an initiation…

From May 9th to 17th, 
3 sessions of 3 hours

Free & Open for all
Apply before May 4th 2023

Meet our tutors

Our tutors are all design and research professionals, sharing their knowledge and in-field experience. Because professionals are not always the best teachers, we also surround ourselves with teaching professionals advising us on the best teaching methods.

UX Researcher / Lead Agritech
Camille Kramer Courbariaux
YUX Co-founder and YUX Academy Director
Julia Morvan
Julia Morvan
Lead UX Researcher
Aissatou Dione
Lead UX Researcher
Mouhamadou Wane
Mouhamadou Wane
UX Researcher
Daniel Locko
Daniel Locko
UX/UI Design


Some feedback from past students. From their mouths to your ears!


Past Students




Working in Design



Anta Niang who participated in the UI Design cohort 2019 is now UI-UX Design at Optesis.


Anta Niang

Student UI Design

Audrey RHODES who participated in the UI Design cohort 2019 is now the Lead User Interface Designer at Fleeti.

Audrey Rhodes

Student UI Design

Camille Alladjim who participated in the UI Design cohort 2019 is now a UX & UI Designer at PayDunya.

Camille Alladjim

Student UI Design