State of User Research in Africa 2021

Why we surveyed user researchers in Africa?

This is an independent study by YUX, an agency committed to democratising access to design in Africa. Our approach to design is human-centred, and the realisation that more managers in Africa need to conduct user research motivated us to conduct this study. The results of this report are based on remote interviews conducted with 22 industry professionals from various countries across the continent and 129 survey responses from 17 countries.

This study summarises tools, methods, and challenges people across the continent experience conducting user research. It is our first year publishing the report and the first of its kind in Africa. We’ve partnered with design communities in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Benin, Uganda, and Senegal and hope it pushes the conversation on user experience design and research.

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State of User Research in Africa 2021

Surprising insights on user research in Africa

Team structure

62% have no dedicated UX researcher in their organisation.


Google forms takes the lead on tools used for research.


Participant recruitment

58% consider participant recruitment the most prominent research challenge.


25 mentions of user research/discovery as the stage of the product development that needs tools adapted to the African context.


Research frequency

63% conduct research three or more times in a year.

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