August 24, 2020

5 reasons you should adopt “Design Thinking”!

Why do you need to adopt design thinking?

In this context of Covid19 - a little bit frightening - where it is necessary to think about the right ways to relaunch certain sectors, meet new customer needs, give a new look to financial transactions, adapt to new ways of working and anticipate future changes, the words "innovation" and "creativity" can no longer be exclusive to "buzzword" people.

Methods that support innovation such as design thinking and design sprint workshops are the easiest way to have agile, customer-centric projects that can disrupt your market.

Design Thinking is both a framework for defining and solving problems. We can use it to uncover opportunities and to reframe problems using empathy towards users and customers.

After having organized many workshops for Orange Senegal, Orange Guinea, UNESCO, UNCDF ... we wanted to share some advice on why you should adopt "Design" methods for your organization.

Design Thinking Workshop for UNDCF Niger


1. Design thinking allows you to "Scan" your market

The design thinking process favours the consideration of the environment on which you want to launch a solution.
It is for the design sprint or workshop team to :

  • Identify trends and patterns
  • Understand the target
  • Decide on the basis of verified hypotheses 
  • Assess the competition
  • Iterate and provide final solutions.

2. Design Thinking = Prototyping

Who remembers the "sacrosanct" trinity of project management? The trio: COSTS- DELAYS- QUALITY.
Indeed, it is important to be able to deliver a quality product to avoid losing 2 precious elements for all companies: time and money.
With this innovation process, it is possible to bring different ideas to life and measure the potential of each of them through prototyping.
We create prototypes, then compare them with each other, and improve or remodel them according to feedback from target users. This method is effective in optimizing the time spent designing a product or service and ensuring that there is an ecosystem ready to integrate it. 

3. Design Thinking opens doors to users

Have you ever heard of the law of supply and demand? It's the main model of the market economy.
As a business, your ultimate goal is to produce and provide goods or services to a set of customers.
The challenge is and will always be finding a way to offer products or services that are adapted so that the supply-demand balance is achieved.
Thanks to design thinking, you will not miss tu include the opinions of your users during the design phases, therefore you will always remain in tune with the needs of the people you are addressing. 
Co-creation workshops with Orange Guinea.

co-creation workshop
Co-creation workshops with Orange Guinea


4. Design thinking reinforces leadership within teams

Leadership plays an important role in a company's ability to understand and solve customer problems. It requires leaders and all stakeholders to be able to make the right decisions, but also to have the humility to restart from scratch when things don't work out.

Authority is not always the right approach to deal with failure, and this is especially true for product development.

Thanks to design thinking and its unique iteration-based approach, teams manage to transform failure into an essential component of success.

In addition, design thinking ensures that solutions to various business problems are based on customer-generated data.


5. Design thinking is not just for designers

Design Thinking is not a profession, it is a methodology that can be applied to every role in a company.

It is focused on the end user, and on the rapid search for solutions that solve business, technological, operational and even human resources problems!

Many companies have already trained their teams in the art of thinking through design. These training sessions led by experts are a good way to learn the concepts of Design thinking and to quickly put them into practice within the company.

Thinking as a designer. Why can't you?

Whether you've already considered training your team in Design Thinking methods or not, today may be the right day to start! In today's ever-changing markets, one thing is certain: we all need this methodology to stay agile and at the top of our industries.

Then discover and adopt our new design thinking workshop offers online or in person in order to introduce a new dynamic in your field of activity? 

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: yaande@yux.design