July 16, 2019

Looka, a community based approach to market research in Africa

After few successful market research projects done by clients using LOOKA (InTouch, Ker Imagination, etc) we wanted to share the origin of this mobile application allowing a large network of surveyors to conduct quantitative studies across busy African cities…

In a context of significant growth in African markets, companies around the world are interested in our continent and are increasingly using market research before investing in new businesses or products.

The need to create the mobile application LOOKA was felt when a large French agribusiness contacted us to make a qualitative and quantitative study on the consumption of its products in Senegal. We refused the mission because the proposed budget was inappropriate for the scale of the study, but we racked our brains to find a solution that would allow us to study quickly on a reduced budget.

This is the origin of the idea of ​​a mobile application allowing a large network of surveyors to conduct market research across Senegal first and then expand it throughout Africa. . Moreover, the extensive work we did with street vendors showed us there were many people who could be interested in becoming surveyors to earn an extra revenue.

When a client asks us for a study, our team of experienced researchers starts to understand the questions and strategic needs of the client to build a study adapted to the socio-cultural context of Senegal.

To conduct the study we rely on a network of investigators composed of students and street vendors. They find themselves perfect investigators because of their mobility and their knowledge of the Senegalese market, but also because of their human qualities and their ease with mobile technologies.

We train them in field study methods before integrating them into the network of interviewers and presenting them with our mobile application. It is with this one that they carry out their studies but also that they receive advices so that their work meets our standards of quality.

We built the LOOKA mobile app to allow investigators to collect quantitative and qualitative data. Indeed, investigators can take pictures, videos, and audio recordings to paint a more accurate picture of the reality they are studying.

The data they collect appears in real time on our platform, and we analyze them to ensure one last time of their quality before translating them into reports and strategic recommendations for our customers.

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