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Health - Cote d'Ivoire

User-centered research project and creativity to improve communication, training and monitoring of vaccination campaigns in Côte d'Ivoire.
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Our business challenge

Challenge text

In a concern of transparency, security and improvement of the process of vaccination campaigns, Dimagi wants a global understanding of the context of the campaigns as well as the actors and their points of pain. Some challenges have spiced up this data collection:

  • Difficulties in recruiting due to the very specific target.
  • In a covid 19 setting, it was necessary to conduct remote interviews with vaccinators and supervisors.
  • Many rumors about vaccination due to covid 19
  • Vaccination campaigns in parallel with the interviews had an impact on the availability of interviewees.

A tense socio-political situation, because in the middle of the presidential election campaign.

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Challenge image
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Outcomes image

The Outcomes

Outcomes items
An opportunity for distance learning
An opportunity to follow the campaign in real time
An opportunity to inform and communicate via the telephone
An opportunity to receive feedback on a regular basis

Our Design Approach

1 Qualitative study 10 individual interviews with targets
2 Quantitative study 300 Looka questionnaires with targets
3 Analysis and definition of key learnings and areas of opportunity
4 1 YUX in-house creativity workshop with Dimagi to create new features and prioritize them.

Some outputs

Dimagi outputs
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