Project background

Agriculture - Zambia

Re-thinking an agriculture marketplace to empower farmers

Our business challenge

Challenge text

WFP and UNCDF worked with YUX and Amarante Consulting to transform the user experience of Maano, a digital marketplace for farmers in Zambia.

UNCDF joined forces with WFP as they saw that all of these challenges could be solved by improving the user experience (UX) of the app and enriching the Maano ecosystem with digital financial services dedicated to farmers.

The first product had been running for a year but WFP was still spending a lot of resources to train the people on the app. More importantly, a lot of transactions between farmers and buyers actually did not go through the app and were arranged via phone by WFP agents.

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maano outcomes

The Outcomes

Outcomes items
Key insights have been extracted for the field research, notably regarding the wording and icons.
A new app was designed that included revised workflow and UX, a lighter and simpler UI, local icons and call to action with words that Zambian farmers understand.
A complete UI Kit and clickable prototype was delivered to the client in less than 1 month. Farmers were for included in the design process, thus improving their loyalty to the program and WFP

Our Design Approach

1 Analysing the environnement
2 Testing the prototypes
3 Building new prototypes
4 Testing the app and icons
5 Designing the final UX-UI

Some outputs

The outputs
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