State of User research in Africa 2022

Get insights on the African UX Design Industry. Explore research practices and ethics, challenges, salaries, education of researchers and designers.


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Interesting insights from the report

UX Researchers are most proud of having “Happier Users”

more than 25% of respondents said “happier users” are the most significant outcome after research & design process.

Majority of respondents are self taught and gained research and design training via online courses.

Self motivation seems to be a trend when it comes to UX training.

UX researchers and designers working in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa are being paid the big bucks!

some are earning more than $3000 per month!

The Growing State of User Research in Africa

Inspired by the need to document the growing demand and to better understand user research on the continent, Last year we launched the first report on the State of User Research in Africa in 2021.

What started as the exploration of tools and challenges has evolved into a documentation of the state of the industry with 


Stakeholders buy in

Insights and strategies on getting decisions makers to adopt good UX practices


Research Ethics

Current practices and ways to better defends our users


UX Careers

Salaries, education and tips to find jobs for Africa designers and researchers

Why we surveyed UX practitioners in Africa?

164 respondents

27% nigeria

13% Egypt

13% Kenya

10% Senegal

7% Ghana

Rest of Africa


We focused in this study on user research because we think it is crucial and often overlooked when we talk about building services adapted to people’s needs and usable in their environment. 

We want to help researchers, product managers, and designers learn from their peers, improve their practices, and tell their boss: “let’s go talk to some users”!

The results of this report are based on qualitative and quantitative methodologies conducted across Africa.

This year, we’ve partnered with many communities and hope it pushes the conversation on UX design and research.

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